MatchUP - Domestic ISO Reload Program

Union Pacific's MatchUP is a Domestic ISO Reload Program, matching an import load with a westbound domestic shipment. MatchUP is a Union Pacific managed program that simplifies the domestic reload for ocean carriers while at the same time, provides capacity in markets where 53' domestic capacity runs tight.

Union Pacific strategically designed the MatchUP program to serve markets where ocean carriers and intermodal marketing companies (IMCs) would be mutually benefitted. Ocean carriers benefit from balancing westbound shipments, growing IPI business and reducing round trip costs. Additionally, ocean carriers enjoy a simplified process for managing excess empties; through MatchUP ocean carriers ingate empties at select Union Pacific terminals and Union Pacific manages everything else up through the empty return on the West Coast.

IMCs that participate in the EMP and UMAX programs have access to additional capacity which allows them to secure incremental business. IMCs will have peace of mind knowing additional capacity is available and they are not solely reliant on empty repositions. MatchUP compliments the existing EMP and UMAX programs well because it is only offered in markets where domestic capacity is tight. You will not find MatchUP offered in a market that will compete with our existing domestic rail container programs.

Union Pacific is proud to offer MatchUP in the marketplace. We will continually expand the available lanes and will provide regular updates when we do. 

How MatchUP Works

An ocean carrier ships an import container to an inland location (like Chicago or St. Louis).
The box is taken to the Beneficial Cargo Owner (BCO) and emptied by the customer.
Empty box is ingated at a Union Pacific terminal and becomes available capacity for MatchUP.
Capacity is displayed via Blume Global, customers request equipment following the same process for UP 53 ft. rail container programs.
The 40 ft. international box is used to transport domestic freight back to the West Coast for unloading.
Empty boxes are returned to the ports or customer identified locations on the US West Coast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our FAQ page for additional details on the program.

Available Lanes


  • Chicago
  • St. Louis
  • Kansas City
  • Memphis
  • Dallas


  • Seattle
  • Portland (see FAQ for details)
  • Oakland
  • Los Angeles

Get Started With MatchUP

To get started with MatchUP, please contact a MatchUP sales representative.