Carload Mileage Based Standard HDF Fuel Surcharge

Union Pacific's carload mileage based standard HDF fuel surcharge program is based on the Department of Energy (DOE) On-Highway Diesel Fuel Price (US Average). Information about actual fuel surcharges applied and details about the program are included below.

This fuel surcharge program will apply as follows:

  • Fuel surcharge will be adjusted on a monthly basis.
  • The basis for the surcharge will be determined by the U.S. Average price of DOE On-Highway Diesel Fuel for a calendar month, as reported weekly on the U.S. Department of Energy website.
  • In the event the average monthly price of Retail On-Highway Diesel Fuel, equals or exceeds $2.30 per gallon, a surcharge beginning at $0.05 per mile will apply.
  • For every five cent increase above $2.30 per gallon, the surcharge applied will increase by $0.01 per mile. See the threshold schedule for more details.
  • When the average DOE price drops below $2.30 per gallon, no fuel surcharge will apply.
  • The surcharge will be billed to applicable shipments beginning the second month following the month on which the DOE average price calculation was based. (Example: the average reported DOE price for the month of February 2007 would determine the fuel surcharge applied throughout the month of April 2007.)
  • PC*Miler Rail product (FNII) will be used to calculate total miles. If interline price routing is involved, mileages will be calculated via the revenue route junction(s) of the price used to rate the shipments.
  • Fractions of dollars resulting from the application of a fuel surcharge will be dropped if less than fifty (50) cents and increased to the next whole dollar if fifty (50) cents or more.

This surcharge became effective with shipments billed on or after April 26, 2007. The surcharge will initially apply to most Union Pacific regulated public pricing documents for local and interline freight movements.

The fuel surcharge will be applied to the line haul freight charge(s) that make reference to this fuel cost recovery program.

This program does not affect UP's existing Intermodal surcharge program.

The DOE price is reported weekly on the U.S. Department of Energy website.

Fuel Surcharge Rate

Month AppliedSurcharge
Basis monthHDF Avg.
monthly price
May 201818 cents/mileMar 2018$2.988
Apr 201819 cents/mileFeb 2018$3.046
Mar 201819 cents/mileJan 2018$3.018
Feb 201817 cents/mileDec 2017$2.909
Jan 201817 cents/mileNov 2017$2.909
Dec 201714 cents/mileOct 2017$2.794
Nov 201714 cents/mileSep 2017$2.785
Oct 201710 cents/mileAug 2017$2.595
Sep 20178 cents/mileJul 2017$2.496
Aug 20179 cents/mileJun 2017$2.511
Jul 201710 cents/mileMay 2017$2.560
Jun 201710 cents/mileApr 2017$2.583
May 201710 cents/mileMar 2017$2.554
Apr 201710 cents/mileFeb 2017$2.568
Mar 201710 cents/mileJan 2017$2.580
Feb 20179 cents/mileDec 2016$2.510
Jan 20177 cents/mileNov 2016$2.439
Dec 20168 cents/mileOct 2016$2.454
Nov 20166 cents/mileSep 2016$2.394
Oct 20166 cents/mileAug 2016$2.351
Sep 20167 cents/mileJul 2016$2.405
Aug 20167 cents/mileJun 2016$2.423
Jul 20165 cents/mileMay 2016$2.315
Jun 20160 cents/mileApr 2016$2.152
May 20160 cents/mileMar 2016$2.090
Apr 20160 cents/mileFeb 2016$1.998
Mar 20160 cents/mileJan 2016$2.143
Feb 20165 cents/mileDec 2015$2.309
Jan 20168 cents/mileNov 2015$2.467
Dec 20159 cents/mileOct 2015$2.519
Nov 20159 cents/mileSep 2015$2.505
Oct 201510 cents/mileAug 2015$2.595
Sep 201514 cents/mileJul 2015$2.788
Aug 201516 cents/mileJun 2015$2.873
Jul 201516 cents/mileMay 2015$2.888
Jun 201514 cents/mileApr 2015$2.782
May 201516 cents/mileMar 2015$2.897
April 2015 16 cents/mileFeb 2015$2.858
March 201518 cents/mileJan 2015$2.997
Feb 201527 cents/mileDec 2014$3.411
Jan 201531 cents/mileNov 2014$3.647

April 2007 - December 2014