Requesting a PO Change

Once a service Purchase Order (PO) has been issued to the Supplier, it cannot be changed without a PO Change request. PO Changes will be requested by the User Department representative through Union Pacific’s internal ticketing system. Once the PO change request has been processed, a notice will be e-mailed to the supplier and the PO will be updated in UP SourceHub to reflect the changes. The UP Supply Chain department will notify the supplier if any further actions/details are needed to execute the PO change.

Reasons for a PO Change


If the original value of the PO is not sufficient for the as-needed work requested and an increase is required, a PO Change request should be submitted with business justification for increasing the PO maximum amount limit.

Please note that if the PO is for a one-time project contract and the compensation is not sufficient, then a contract change order should be requested.  Click HERE to learn more about requesting a Contract Change Order.


If the start date for an as-needed PO has changed, a PO Change request can be submitted to update the PO accordingly.


To add new or modify existing information on a PO, a change request can be submitted with an outline of the updates being requested. Some fields that may be modified are updates to accounting, SES Verifier, SES Releaser, or work location. In addition, there may be times when additional information needs to be added to a PO like an AIRS ID or some other tracking number.

Tips & Tricks

If the change requested results in a change to the contract (project comp limit, addition/change of service line items, etc.), a Contract Change Order request is necessary. Click HERE for more information about Contract Change Order requests.

For changes that affect the Service Entry Sheets (SES) – changes to Verifier, Releaser, etc. – changes will only apply to the SES that are submitted after the PO changes have been applied.

  • For example, if you begin submitting SESs against the PO on 2/1/18 and a PO Change request is applied on 2/5/18 to change the Verifier, only SESs submitted after 2/5/18 will reflect the changes from the PO Change request.
  • All SESs submitted prior to the change will reflect the pre-Change PO details.

If you have any questions or issues with having the UP Requester submitting a PO Change request, please contact the Regional Procurement Center at or (402) 544-1772.