Contractor Safety

Safety is Union Pacific’s #1 priority. The safety of everyone supporting the company’s mission is critical. All parties – employees, contractors and others – must ensure a safe operation. Following are links to valuable information. If you have questions or concerns about your safety or that of others, you own the responsibility to ask the person in charge before proceeding.

Additional Safety Requirements


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Contractor Safety Checklist

  1. Complete Supplier Registration Form
  2. Once you receive your contract, you will need to contact eRailSafe and provide the vendor ID number furnished on your contract cover letter (or set up an online account) to get set up in the eRailSafe system. Complete eRailSafe registration for your company and any employees who will perform work on Railroad property. These employees will need to take and pass the eRailSafe certification test to get their eRailsafe ID cards issued. (Note: eRailSafe cards may take up to 2 to 3 weeks for delivery after you pass the test, so please enroll your employees promptly to ensure compliance with the UPRR Controlled Access Policy).
  3. Read, understand, and comply with UP’s Supplier Terms and Conditions as well as the Minimum Safety Requirements for UPRR Contractors and applicable addendums. Contact the Union Pacific employee in charge to verify any other safety requirements and with questions.