Supplier General Questions

How do I become a supplier to Union Pacific?

Please complete the supplier registration form found on the website.

Review the buyer list and contact the appropriate buyer and schedule a meeting or introduction regarding your company offerings.

Please be aware that registration does not automatically place your company on Union Pacific's Bid list. Registration allows the buyer to view all companies potentially capable of providing the related goods or services. Some products or services may require approval and/or testing by Union Pacific.

What is the expected of Suppliers (Code of Conduct)?

please view  Suppliers Code of Conduct

How do I know what the Terms & Conditions of a Supply Purchase Order is?

please view the  Terms and Conditions of a Supply Purchase Order

When should I expect to see a bid once I have registered?

Bids are closed, and are issued by invitation only. Timing of bid releases may vary.

How do I know when Bids will be released?

You should contact the appropriate category manager with questions concerning upcoming bids. However, please be aware that this does not mean your company will be included in the bid process.

How does Union Pacific determine who to invite for Bid opportunities?

Union Pacific uses an invitation-only closed bid process, except as may be required with government programs. Therefore, invitations are determined based on:

  • the product and/or services being bid;
  • the strategy as developed by the category manager; and/or
  • the suppliers capabilities as understood.

It is the responsibility of the Supplier to ensure that Union Pacific is fully aware of Supplier capabilities through the supplier registration process. However, this does not guarantee inclusion in the bid process.

Will I be notified regarding Bid award status?

As a courtesy, Union Pacific will its make best efforts to notify suppliers regarding bid status, but it is not required do so. The successful bidder will be notified. Reasons for not being awarded are based on the bid criteria. Union Pacific uses a Total Cost of Ownership process which does not warrant that the lowest price supplier always will be awarded the business.

Whom should I contact if I have questions related to fuel purchases by the railroad?

You may direct your questions to any member of the Fuel Group at the following numbers:

  • (402) 544-3065
  • (402) 544-2071
  • (402) 544-4772
  • (402) 544-4773
  • (402) 501-0354 (FAX)

Can Union Pacific's Accounts Payable group provide a credit reference?

The Accounts Payable group does not provide credit references.

Does Union Pacific have set asides for minority or Woman-owned business?

Union Pacific is an equal opportunity company and abides by all laws, statutes, and regulations, both state and federal, as may be applicable.

Union Pacific does not set aside business opportunities for minority or woman-owned companies. The same competitive bid process is used for all suppliers. However, each buyer is evaluated on bid inclusion, award, and increase spending for minority and woman-owned suppliers.

Read more about our program, or send an email.

Once I receive a PO #, where can I find routing instructions on how to ship?

UP Routing instructions can be found online, or call our logistics department at UPRR-44-UPRR (877-744-8777).

What is your UPS Account # for small package items (<120 lbs)?

Call our logistics department at UPRR-44-UPRR (877-744-8777).

What information can existing suppliers access using the Supplier Relationship Management Tool (SRMT)?

Purchase orders, invoice status, open OS&D claims, delivery performance, core pool management, etc., are accessible through SRMT.

When logged into SRMT and trying to view a purchase order, there are no results for the Purchase Order Number. What went wrong?

The UP system does not require the alpha characters in the purchase order field. For example, PO HU521345MG should be entered as 521345

How do I reach Accounts Payable?

Call 402-544-2729

How can I notify UP of a change in address?

Send change of address forms to:

Union Pacific Railroad
Accounts Payable Support
1400 Douglas Street, Stop 1740
Omaha, NE 68179

This request should include the old address and the new/corrected address, along with your company telephone number.

Who do I contact for tax information (1099s, W-9s)?

Our Accounts Payable department is able to provide information on 1099-S and W-9 forms; please contact our vendor maintenance group at (402) 544-APAY (2729).

Please Note: 1099-INT forms are not available from Union Pacific Railroad; they are available only from Union Pacific Corporation.