Mailing Addresses

Union Pacific Accounts Payable is a 100% electronic invoicing environment and does not accept paper purchase order (PO) invoices. Invoices received by Accounts Payable in the mail will not be processed. Invoices which are misrouted to the incorrect address may be delayed for payment.

Find out more about submitting invoices electronically.

Emergency Fuel Purchases

While Union Pacific would prefer electronic invoices for Emergency Fuel Purchases, due to the unique nature of these POs an exception to the policy allows the invoices to be mailed.

Invoices for these purchases (indicated by the purchase order number) can be routed to the Supply Department's Fuel Group, as follows:

Union Pacific Railroad
Supply Department, Fuel Group
1400 Douglas Street, Stop 0780
Omaha, NE 68179-0780

Invoices to Union Pacific Affiliates

Invoices payable by Union Pacific affiliated companies, including Houston Belt & Terminal (HBT), Union Pacific Motor Freight (UPMF), UP de Mexico (UPDM), and Port Terminal Railroad Company (PTRR) should not be forwarded to UPRR for payment. When such invoices are received, they are returned to the supplier with a letter requesting a purchase order copy.

When the invoice and purchase order copy are re-submitted by the supplier, the original invoice is pulled and forwarded to the appropriate affiliate for payment. During this process, invoices are handled by multiple departments, resulting in delayed payment.