Preventing Price Discrepancies and Errors

Price Discrepancies

The invoice price must match the purchase order price on every item, for the exact date on which the fuel or material was delivered. If the invoice fails to match, it is not processed further; instead, it is directed to the appropriate Supply personnel for further research. To enable quick resolution of any such problems which may arise, the supplier should provide the Union Pacific purchasing representative with the name of the individual responsible for handling price discrepancies.

Preventing Price Errors

To prevent price errors from occurring, suppliers may find the following practices helpful:

  • Verify prices when the purchase order is received. If any discrepancies are noted, the purchasing representative should be notified prior to issuing an invoice.
  • When emergency phone orders are placed, material may be shipped (and therefore invoiced) prior to receipt of the confirming purchase order. Please ensure that correct prices are quoted to Union Pacific at the time the phone order is placed.
  • Communicate current Union Pacific pricing information to all employees working with UPRR (sales, billing, etc.).