Pipeline Installation

New Pipeline Installation: Types and Definitions

Pipeline installations may be considered encroachments, crossings, or both. If the installation is an encroachment, please see the "Procedures for Encroachments." If the installation is a crossing, please follow the "Procedures for Crossings." If the installation entails both an encroachment and a crossing, you will need to follow both encroachment and crossing procedures.

Note: If the proposed pipeline installation is both an encroachment and a crossing, only one application form need be filled out. It must be accompanied, however, by both the appropriate Exhibit "A" document (describing the crossing) and complete engineering plans (detailing the encroachment).

Definition of Encroachment:
A pipeline that enters the railroad company's right of way and either does not leave the right of way or follows along the right of way for some distance.

Definition of Crossing:
A pipeline that crosses the railroad company's trackage from one side of the right of way to the other side of the right of way in as near a straight line as possible.