Billing and Invoicing - Suppliers Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not always sure where to send my invoices; can you give me some guidelines?

Union Pacific Accounts Payable is an electronic invoicing environment and does not accept paper purchase order (PO) invoices. Invoices received by Accounts Payable will not be processed.

Find out more about submitting invoices electronically: material invoicing, service invoicing.

Invoices that arise from contracts with Union Pacific should be sent to the address specified on the contract.

Invoices requesting payment for products or services that have no purchase orders or pre-approval of any kind should be sent to the Union Pacific employee who ordered the product or service so that proper approval can be arranged.

Can I fax my invoice to you?

We do not accept faxed invoices except in special circumstances, and only when you are so advised by an Accounts Payable or a Materials Accounting representative.

My invoice hasn't been paid, what should I do?

Locate invoice status through the Supplier Relationship Management Tool (SRMT). Enter invoice number or UP purchase order number

Can you change the due date on my invoice?

Due to the terms of the purchase order, this request needs the authority of the procurement representative who signed your order. Please give your representative a call at the telephone number indicated.

How do I send a corrected invoice?

All re-invoicing should be coordinated with the appropriate purchasing representative. The supplier should be aware that in such instances payment can be delayed because of the extra steps necessary to cancel the original invoice and enter the corrected invoice, as well as the additional time required for special handling.

Who can I talk to about price, quantity or delivery errors?

The "Authorized Purchasing Representative" named on your purchase order is your contact for questions about or problems with the order; such as price, quantity or delivery discrepancies.

Who can help me with invoicing and billing questions in general (other than invoice status and tracing)?

For assistance with general invoice and billing questions and problems, you may call (402) 544-0025. When calling, please have your invoice available for reference.

I received a letter from you returning an invoice. What do I do?

Corrected invoices should be sent to the individual who initiated the return letter, and the return letter should be included. The invoice should not be re-issued with a different invoice number. Delays occur when an invoice is re-issued in this manner because the original invoice must be canceled, each item deleted from the purchase order, and the re-issued invoice re-entered against the purchase order.

Who can I call for help with EDI invoices?

For assistance in billing Union Pacific electronically or resolving EDI invoicing problems, call (402) 544-0025 or send an email to

Service Invoice Questions

Always address and submit your service invoices as directed by the contract documents and your railroad representative. Always ensure that all invoices contain the information specified under Invoice Preparation & Payment Processes. Daily Work Reports must be complete and signed by both the railroad representative and the contractor. Simple mistakes in arithmetic will result in the need for manual verification of the invoice.

If your service invoice was addressed and submitted to the project manager as specified, that's the best place to start; the project manager is generally in the best position to give you a timely answer. If the project manager is unavailable, try our interactive Invoice Tracing. Another, although less instantaneous, option is to contact a Supply representative; we'll do whatever we can to determine the status of your invoice.

When should I submit a lien waiver?

The requirement for lien waivers is dictated by the form of agreement utilized for the services performed. Contractors are encouraged to carefully examine the language pertaining to "liens" in agreements.

The railroad is not required to make any payment to the contractor unless the contractor shall previously have provided releases executed by all persons who might have mechanic's or materialmen's liens, stop notices or labor and material bond rights against the project arising out of the work performed under this agreement. The contractor shall pay in full all persons who perform labor upon or provide materials for the premises in connection with the work to be performed by the contractor. The contractor shall not create, permit or suffer any mechanic's or materialmen's liens of any kind or nature to be created or enforced against the premises for any such work performed. The contractor shall indemnify and hold harmless the railroad from and against any and all liens, claims, demands, costs or expenses of whatsoever nature in any way connected with or growing out of such work done, labor performed, or materials furnished.

The railroad may, at its option, pay to persons employed by the contractor, or subcontractors, and to suppliers of materials and supplies for the work, any sums due for labor, material or supplies, and charge the same to the contractor as so much paid on this agreement. The railroad may, at its option, pay the suppliers of labor, material and supplies for the work who have not been paid by the contractor or subcontractor any amounts that could be the basis of mechanic's or materialmen's liens. The amounts paid will be credited against amounts due from the railroad to the contractor.

What are "scheduled payments?"

Scheduled payments are simply what the term implies: a fixed payment for services is set up on a schedule to be paid at regular intervals throughout the term of the agreement. This type of arrangement often is used for services such as janitorial services, pest control, etc., where the monthly fee remains constant for the term of the agreement. The advantage of this arrangement is that you do not have to submit an invoice each month â€“  the payment is made automatically. The railroad reserves the right to cancel this arrangement at any time if the quality of service deteriorates or if other issues arise.

Payment of Invoice(s) Questions

For information about the status of your invoice, please use the invoice/payment trace site.

Although our trace site system is the quickest and most efficient way to obtain information about an invoice, if your needs go beyond the information available through AVR, you may call our Accounts Payable Customer Support at (402) 544-0025. When calling, please have your purchase order number and invoice number ready.

Payment cannot be made on the basis of monthly statements. Invoices are required for payment processing.

You have two options. Try our online Invoice Tracing, or contact Accounts Payable at (402) 544-0025. You also may email

Please be sure to provide your invoice number and purchase order number (or account number in the case of utility and telephone bills), in order for us to speed our service to you.

I received a check from Union Pacific/I've never received my check...Questions

Call Accounts Payable Customer Support at (402) 544-2729. Please provide the voucher number, date and the amount of the check.

For issuance of a duplicate check, please call (402) 544-1016. You also may email your request to

I need to change an address for payment. What do I do?

All requests for address changes must be made to our correspondence bureau in writing, via U.S. mail or fax. Your old address and a copy of an invoice (or invoice number and date) must be included in order for us to validate your request. Submit all requests to:

Union Pacific Railroad
Accounts Payable Support
1400 Douglas Street, Stop 1740
Omaha, NE 68179-1740

Fax (402) 233-3390

The request should include your old address and the new corrected address, and your company telephone number.