Partial Shipments, Invoice Attachments and Credit Memos

Partial Shipments

A separate invoice should be sent for each order. When an order is completed in one shipment, one invoice should be sent, but when partial shipments are made, a separate invoice must be sent for each shipment or delivery made.

Invoice Attachments

A receipted bill of lading, express receipt or receipted delivery ticket should be attached to each invoice rendered. Parcel post and UPS shipments should be so indicated. Information which normally is attached to the invoice should be included on EDI invoices according to the Rail Industry Guidelines.

Credit Memos

Credit memos should be submitted to Accounts Payable in a timely manner and should contain reference to the purchase order number, bill of lading and previously paid invoice number. They should be sent to the same post office box address as regular invoices. When purchase order number and bill of lading references are not specified on the credit memo, Union Pacific may inappropriately "short pay" supplier invoices by taking duplicate or misidentified credits.

Credit memos should not be issued for the following circumstances:

  • Price discrepancy on an unpaid invoice.
  • Quantity discrepancy on an unpaid invoice.
  • As a means of balancing the supplier's books.

Credit memos or proofs of delivery should be furnished to the attention of the purchasing representative who submitted the original claim letter. Checks should be sent to:

Sr. Manager, Banking
1400 Douglas Street, STOP
Omaha, NE 68179

Purchase order number and item number references should be included with the check, and the purchasing representative should be advised of the check transmittal.