Intermodal Facilities Map & Profiles

Driver Experience Enhancements

Precision Gating Technology (PGT)
Allows drivers to bypass the kiosks upon entering our intermodal terminals. Learn more.

Driver Maps
Detailed driver experience maps are available for each of our intermodal terminal pages. The driver experience maps feature enter/exit locations, track and row details, as well as roadability, flip and driver assistance locations.

Union Pacific's mobile app designed to expedite your intermodal terminal experience. We have added three new languages to the app — Russian, Polish and Chinese. The UPGo app is used at Union Pacific intermodal facilities to expedite the ingate and outgate process. Download UPGo today. Learn more.

To obtain information and a detailed map of the location of an intermodal facility, simply select the city in which the facility you wish to learn about is located. If a city has more than one intermodal facility, there is an intermediate map available showing all of the intermodal facilities for that metropolitan location.

Chicago Area Map

Council Bluffs, IA

Dallas Area Map

Denver, CO

Houston, TX (Kirkpatrick Blvd.)

Kansas City, MO

Las Vegas, NV (Valley)

Laredo, TX

Marion, AR

New Orleans, LA (Avondale)

Northern California Map


Phoenix, AZ

Portland, OR (Brooklyn) 

Rio Valley, TX

Salt Lake City, UT (SLCIT)

San Antonio, TX (SAIT)

Santa Teresa, NM

Seattle/Tacoma Map

 Southern California Map

Sparks, NV

St. Louis, MO (Dupo)

Tucson, AZ

Twin Cities - Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN (TCIT)

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