Shipment Quality

Report Damage or File a Freight Claim

Approximately 99.8% of our shipments are delivered damage-free. In the unlikely event damage does occur, timely notification to our freight claims team will allow us to efficiently address your situation. If you encounter damage, please follow one of the following steps:

Fill out an online Damage Notice (user ID and password required)
*This process is an initial notification to Union Pacific of potential damage as you continue to gather the relevant information to fully complete the online freight claim form.

Fill out an online Freight Claim (user ID and password required)
*We will no longer accept a Freight Claim Form submitted via fax or email.

Delivering your product safely and on time has always been a priority at Union Pacific Railroad. As the premier rail system in the country, with the youngest locomotive fleet, we have more capabilities than ever before. Capabilities that make us one of the most reliable means of transporting freight. Capabilities that allow us to take even better care of you, our customer.

With today's trend toward just-in-time inventories and an increasing emphasis on quality, it has become even more important to see that customers' products arrive in factory-fresh condition. Union Pacific has developed a highly proactive approach to prevent freight damage during rail transport through our Shipment Quality Team. The mission of the Shipment Quality Team is to ensure damage-free delivery of your products by providing dependable and innovative transportation services.